The Language School teaches students to speak, read, and write Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken native language in the world, so knowing it is an invaluable skill to open more opportunities for a brighter future.


Our students are divided into different classes based on age, Chinese ability and/or native background.

Language Instructors

All of our Language Instructors are native Mandarin Chinese speakers. Most of our instructors are who holds degrees of Teaching English as Second Language.


Love-Hope-Faith is a fundamental principle of our school.

Love is for the love of culture, students, & friends.

Hope is for the vision of expanding and educating more people who are interested in Chinese Culture.

Faith is representative of our belief that what we do today will be impacting the future; we also believe that if we do not do it today, we will regret it tomorrow.

Meet your curriculum coordinator/online class manager- Ms. Yuhsin Lin

Online One-on-One classes:
Faith Class:  From Chinese speaking family
Hope Class: Non-Chinese speaking family students
Love Class: Beginner or 1-2 years
Adult classes

Online group classes: share tuition with other classmates
Adult class
Faith class

Learn. Speak. Experience.

Culture Classes

To be announced.


Ms. Yuhsin Lin has five years teaching Chinese experience of “teaching Chinese as Second Language, particularly via online. She has master degree of Teaching Chinese as Second Language at National Taiwan Normal University. She is currently teaching university-level Chinese in Indiana, USA.  Please feel free to contact her directly at  If you have question about the online program.